Weekend Update

Sorry SNL, I stole your title… Anyway, I’m going to try to make it a point to post SOMETHING every weekend, at the LEAST. The site can get pretty boring without some sort of regular update (even though lack of activity seems to do nothing to deter the spammers), so I’m making an effort. Today’s posting is simply a “What’s up update”. It seems I’ve been sucked in by the power of the “dark side” and I now play X-Box over PS3 by about 4:1. The only thing that pulls me back to the PS3 right now is Little Big Planet. And this is only because it’s not available on the X-Box, or I’d probably have it for BOTH systems. As I mentioned in my review, Microsoft seems to haev gotten a lot right, especially the addictive “Gamerscore” gimmick. It’s all about raising that score, and it uniquely ties all of your games together. We’re (I’m) currently addicted to Left4Dead, trying to finish the second part. I managed to complete the first part–not on my own, but with the help of an 11-year-old (Tyler)–after a couple weeks of struggling. I think one thing that hooked me was the fact that I work in a big hospital, and the objective of part 1 (titled “No Mercy”) is to make it across town to “Mercy Hospital”, work your way through the hospital, onto the roof, and catch a rescue helicopter. There are hordes of zombies after you the entire way, some of them “regular”, while others explode with amazing force, some emitting a toxic green smoke, and others that have tongues hundreds of yards long that the throw out fram great distances and heights to grab you, constrict you, and pull you toward them. Without the help of your teammates at this point, you’re sure to be zombie food. SO I spent a week getting all the way to the roof, only to be overwhelmed by zombies of all kinds after calling for the rescue helicopter to come get us. You can play the game by yourself (with 3 other computer teammates), play split-screen with a friend, or play online with human teammates elsewhere. I was using the computer teammates all week, because they’re pretty dependable and smart (they won’t turn on their teammates like a lot of X-box Live players will). So until tyler helped me out, I was getting defeated ay every attempt to survive until the helicopter arrived. Tyler was able to help me hold off the swarming hordes long enough for us to reach the helipad and jump onto the helicopter, and we were off to the next chapter. Now we’re both stuck at the end of the second chapter, in a farmhouse out in the country, again waiting for help to arrive. Another great aspect of this game is it’s “fear factor” (another “sorry” to NBC for stealing another title). The game can be so quiet and calm at times, and then BAM, zombies everywhere, attacking you so fast you panic! It’s very well done, and an awesome game to play at night, alone in the dark, with the volume cranked up (and the wife not home). The “crescendo moments” are very dramatic and frightening.


In “Fish News” – our baby Plecostamus passed away a couple weeks ago. We’re not sure why, all of the other fish look healthy…except one. Over the past couple days we’ve noticed one tigerfish that likes to swim upside down. He swims continuously, he just constantly does it upside down, 99% of the time. We’re going to have to get our water tested I think. But other than those two, the tank has been amazingly stable for a couple years.


In “Employment News” – We’re both still employed, which, in this economy, is a major accomplishment in itself.


In “Family News” – Bear (Dennis) is now engaged to Diane, Sandy just turned the big “FIVE-OH! MY ACHING BACK!” and Kevin just turn eleven. That’s about it for now. I’ll be scanning some more photo albums soon, so watch for those. L8r!

I’ve been busy

My apologies to those loyal readers of this website who visit daily (I know there are at least one or two of you).  I try as much as possible to post SOMETHING every day or two, whether it’s in the forums, in this blog, or even just a funny photo in the daily photos section.  But the past few weeks have been extremely busy for me, and I’ve had to put the website on the back burner for a bit.  But we’ve still been getting regular postings, and I did still pop in almost daily for a minute or two at a time, even though I haven’t had time to actually compose a forum post or blog entry.  I’d sure love to have the activity that KenoshaOnline.net gets though, and I always keep dreaming that I DO still get as many visitors, they just don’t POST here much, they just read.

But anyway, I’m still here, I’ll never give up on the site.  I am now back to gainful full-time employment after a short period of searching, and I feel really good about it.  I’ll still try to provide meaningful content and news as much as possible, and you may even notice some slightly outdated postings in the forums tonight.  I added those just “for the record”, so I’d have the complete timeline of major current events on my site for future reference.  I don’t “prune” any of my content, so I intend to end up with quite a bit of accumulated worthy content some day.  Hang in there with me.

Fed up!

Ok, now I’ve had it. My allergic reaction is now reoccuring, just as my original infection reoccured before it. I’m caught in some sort of loop here. I saw the doctor today and he stopped the antibiotics. Turns out I’m PROBABLY allergic to all of them I guess. So now I’m on Benadryl to treat the allergic reaction and I’m off the antibiotics completely. The doctor says if the infection comes back go back to the ER. (And I imagine we’ll repeat this whole scenario once again–Why does it feel like I’m my own personal version of the movie “Groundhog Day?”) Hopefully the infection is dead enough for my body to continue to fight it, otherwise I’m screwed. The doctor said even if he sends me to a specialist, the specialist will just prescribe more antibiotics… Sheesh.

He said most people who get an infection can get rid of it in a few weeks, but since my circulation in my legs is so bad it takes ME months instead. He suggested some foot exercises to increase circulation, and lots of elevation of the leg. I sure need to do SOMETHING different, that’s for sure. Guess it’s time to start doing the treadmill again and take off some weight.