Movie and a walk

See?  That’s the kind of content you’re going to get in my posts if you want me to post more often.  That’s real life right there in that last post.  During today’s walk we had another similar fiasco with a “cling-on”, but I’ll spare you the details this time.  Anyway, Kevin and I just got back from seeing Wreck-It Ralph.  It was pretty cool.  A lot of it was pretty retro, with hundreds of references everywhere to old-school games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Asteroids, and many many more.  As with all of the previous Pixar movies, it was so overflowing with constant content, that you’d have to see it two or three times to pick up everything.  So–as expected–Kevin said he wanted to see it again, right after the movie.  There were a lot of pixellated and glitchy things in the movie, and I just hope today’s kids understand that it’s completely intentional.  Then again, there’s always their “old” parents who can explain it to them.  Though this movie wasn’t actually a Pixar-branded movie, John Lasseter was one of its producers.  So, if anything, it’s at least a half-Pixar picture.  And, as usual, it has all all-star cast.  Check out the official website or the IMDB page for all of the details.  As of today, its IMDB rating is 8.3, which is pretty darned good.