Weekend wrap-up

Getting ready to go to bed after a busy three-day weekend.  We swam every day, which was great.  Today Kevin and I took Socks for a walk just before the parade kicked off, and I decided we’d walk to Library Park, since the parade route goes around the park.  I figured it would give us the most exposure to the sirens so Socks could sing like he always does when he hears sirens.  As it turned out, we ran into Brittany and her family, and tried sitting next to them in a good spot to watch the parade, but Socks wasn’t having any of it.  He was way over-heated as it was, and just couldn’t sit still, panting and pacing constantly.  I was a little concerned he might collapse again, like he did the other day, and the spot we picked, in the bright sunlight on fully browned, hot grass, certainly didn’t help.  Brittany was nice enough to give us juice boxes and chips, but we just couldn’t stay there–Socks needed some kind of relief.  So we walked around the park, and Socks stopped several times in shady areas to rest.  That helped a lot, and he managed to make it the rest of the way without issue.

Once the rescue vehicles came around, marking the official start of the parade, we were very disappointed to find that they weren’t doing their constant blaring sirens we always get a thrill from.  That was the main reason we went down there–so watch Socks sing.  After they all went quietly by with only lights flashing, we left, very disappointed, and didn’t even want to stay and watch the parade.  We beat the crowds, walked home straight away, and then Kevin, Tyler, and I went swimming at Rec-Plex for the rest of the afternoon.  I figured, with everyone at the parade, it shouldn’t be very busy at Rec-Plex, and I was right–Hardly anyone was there, so we had a very nice swim.  I did another 10 reverse laps in the current channel, then some hot tub, and then we played in the swim lanes for awhile.

After swimming we picked up Matt and went to George’s for a nice chicken supper that Sandy prepared.  Overall, it was a very nice weekend, except that Sandy couldn’t enjoy it with us–she was at George’s all weekend while Rick is up North camping.

Oh–and I removed the “wood paneling” from my website temporarily, and replaced it with a swimming collage instead…I figured with the local ban on all open fires in all public places in Kenosha because of the heat wave, I’d do my part to protect my own website from disaster… HA! You see what I did right there?

More swimming

I wasn’t sure we’d get any swimming in at all today.  The storm heading toward us was huge, and the sky looked pretty threatening, but it must have all went around us, or dissipated, because we ended up not seeing a drop of rain, and all the lawns remain brown.  Kinda looks like Arizona around here now, except for a few neighbors that water their lawns daily.  We even have a burning ban in effect now, and can’t even use grills in the parks “until further notice”.  Even our own firepit is loaded with brush and kindling, but we can’t have a fire because it’s just too dangerous with everything so dry.

Tyler was also much later than we expected, so it was pretty late, but we managed to get a couple hours of swimming in at Woody’s after all.  This time it was Kevin, Tyler and I, and the squishy ball fights were in full force!  I think we all took several pretty solid smacks to the face before all was said and done.  Rosemary took a few photos, and they turned out pretty funny.  It took 3 takes to get a good group shot with everyone smiling, but she got it done!  Take a look.

Take 1
Take 1
Take 2
Take 2
Take 3
Take 3

My Birthday

Everyone wants to know if I had a nice birthday.  At this point, I don’t know why you’re supposed to celebrate getting another year older… maybe you’re supposed to be glad that you’ve managed to survive this long.  Believe me, I am.  I’m 49–or as Mark says, “older than dirt”.  Everyone says that about their grandparents.  I’m not quite there yet.  Not a grandparent anyway.  And I FEEL better than I have in years.  I’ve been losing weight with all of this walking and eating right, and it’s making a lot of things easier.  Heck, I can almost see my feet again!

We went to visit George in the hospital yesterday.  He’s doing better.  He’ll be going to a nursing home for rehab next, and we’re hoping for the best.  Next I worked on Ty’s laptop.  He somehow managed to spill Aunt Jemima over his keyboard, basically gluing down several of his keys.  This took some work, carefully popping off, and removing, each glued key, cleaning it, and cleaning everything underneath it, then reassembling it.  Not an easy task on a laptop.  On a regular PC keyboard I would have just replaced the keyboard with a new one, but on a laptop this can get pretty pricey.  It worked out ok though, and the keys are working fine again.

Next, Kevin Ty and I went swimming at Rec-Plex.  I did 10 reverse laps and the current channel–this is a hot-dog-shaped channel of current where you can basically just ride the current around the loop with no effort at all.  Walking in reverse, however, is just the opposite.  It requires MUCH effort, and after a few laps you can really feel it.  My goal is always 10 reverse laps.  After 7 laps I got a cramp in my left calf, but I managed to still complete the full 10 laps.  Kevin, as usual, got “carded” again a couple times when we got in the hot tub.  The age requirement is “12-16 year olds allowed if accompanied by an adult,  under 12 not allowed.”  Apparently Kevin always looks like he’s under 12, because they always catch him and look to me.  He’s 14 now, so this has been going on for almost 3 years.  He just hasn’t “sprouted” yet.  Ty, on the other hand, with his “hint of a moustache” is never an issue.  But since Kevin and I are members, I am relieved to know that if he ever REALLY gets carded–where the want proof–all they have to do is check their own records.  They have his photo on file, along with his date of birth, which proves his age, and they’ve had it since we started going there.  I think we even went there right after his 12th birthday, just to celebrate him now being “hot tub-eligible”… yes, I believe we got carded that day, too.

When we got home from swimming, Sandy had an awesome supper of cheese ravioli & meatballs with marijuana sauce (yeah, it’s marinara sauce, but I pronounce it differently), then it was on to a video chat with Jay and his family.

I had planned to have a fire as well, but we quickly ran out of time and had to get to our double-feature of MIB and MIB II to get ready for MIB III, which we’re going to see today.  Ty passed out halfway through MIB II, and Kevin opted out of the whole thing, since he has watched them both so many times in the past.  I guess we’re about as ready as we’ll ever be for today’s matinee.