We went to Rec-Plex tonight, and Kevin took a major step forward in his swimming abilities. Since he began swimming he was always afraid to put his head under water. He’d get very upset if you dunked him, even if by accident and even if only for a short moment. Tonight he took the plunge (pardon the pun) and went under… He seemed to be amazed that he survived such a traumatic experience unscathed, so shortly after that he did it again…and again, and again, and again. We couldn’t stop him, and now he’s swimming like a fish all the time! Matthew even took it a step further and showed him how to go under without even holding his nose! He picked it up quickly and was even more excited to show off after that. I know it’s a simple accomplishment for most people, but he’s very proud of himself, and we’re proud of him too.

Our lil Waterboy! Call him “Nemo!”

Stairmaster Swimming

Kev and I went swimming last night. Rec-Plex is amazingly uncrowded this time of year. Everyone must be doing outdoor activities instead. It was good to get back to it though. We love swimming, so I always try to go at least a few times a week but with the leg problems I’ve been having, the swims have been few and far between. The leg is looking almost completely normal now, and feels pretty good.

Kevin and I did 4 trips down the huge waterslide, which was no easy accomplishment (for me, anyway). It’s like a giant stairmaster, then a 15-second looping slide back to the bottom. It didn’t phase Kevin though, he was ready to go several more times if I had let him.

And check out my new toy… Briggs and Stratton engine… right outta Tool Time! Arrr arrrr arrrrr.

Swimming and Nemo

Kev and I went swimming last night at Rec-Plex.  Three hikes to the top of the waterslide, 10 laps in the current channel (against the current) and a 15-minute hot tub and I was beat.  Kev just wanted to keep going and going though. Afterward I offered Kevin a reward for good behavior.  He wanted a Nemo fish.  He said he saw them at the store Clayton took him to the other day when my dad watched him.  Couldn’t remember the name of the store though.  After a few minutes of driving he said “The store with the big “K” like MY name!” I said “K-Mart?” and he said “Yeah, that’s it, K-Mart!” So I went that way.  As I drove into the K-Mart parking lot he said “No, it’s not THAT store, it’s BY that store.” and he looked all around until it hit him–two big stores down he spotted Wal-Mart and said “THERE! THAT’S the store!” I told him “That’s Wal-Mart.” so he’d remember it.  He knew for sure that was the store, so we went there.  We found the Nemo toys quickly.  He really wanted a talking one, but I didn’t have that much on me.  He settled for one almost the same size (close to a foot long) that didn’t talk, just a stuffed plush fish.  It’s the orange one from the movie–Nemo himself. Kevin calls him Diddley Squat though, from the TV commercial he’s seen about a thousand times.