Larinda will be back

As I mentioned in a previous entry, Larinda, one of the awesome ships that visited Kenosha during our Tall Ships Festival this summer, sunk in Hurricane Juan. A fund has been set up to assist in the recovery effort. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. All of the details are on Larinda’s Site.

Ok, Sandy’s turn. She had a sweatshirt made for herself at the same time she had my CRS shirt made. Here’s a picture. I cropped the ole lady out of the picture to give you a better look at the detail. Here comes the frying pan!!

Larinda Sinks!

The Tall Ship Larinda sank Sunday night in Halifax during Hurricane Juan. This is very depressing. We saw her during her visit to Kenosha at the Tall Ships Festival this year. I took several pictures and we talked briefly with Larry Mahan, her captain, who explained how he spent 30 years building the ship by hand. Captain Mahan survived the sinking and was not physically injured.

Larinda will be remembered fondly as being an awesome highlight to the Tall Ships Festival. We’re sorry to see her go. I have posted every photo I took of her during the festival in this special album.

Tall Ships Festival

Be sure you go see the Days of Discovery Tall Ships Festival at Kenosha Harbor, August 7th-10th! The first tall ship arrived today. Kevin and I went down to the harbor to watch.
The first tall ship arrived at 4:05pm on 8/6/03
The festival the rest of the week should be even better. We plan on visiting a few times and even taking a tour of the HMS Bounty. The Daysails are a bit pricey for us though, so we’ll have to pass on that, although it would have been pretty cool.