Weekend in review

Over the weekend we went to Haylie’s birthday party, then I went to see a movie with Kevin: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children.  It was a fun movie, though very odd.  But that was expected, coming from Tim Burton.  That guy is out of his mind–in a good way!

On Sunday I gave the dog a bath, Sandy cooked, I ate a bag of Asian Nut Crunch throughout the day, which was nice, though the name sounds more like a martial arts move than a snack, and in the evening we watched both the Presidential Debate and the Packers game, which were on at the same time.  We DVR’ed both, and flipped back and forth.  Wow, what a fiasco this election year has become!  I won’t even get into it, everyone else is saying plenty enough!  The Packers game was very good though, and balanced out the evening nicely.

Now we’re going into Week 2 with having only 1 car…but that’s another story.  I’ll post that one shortly.