Site Changes

Don’t worry, nothing major. I added a “Downloads” section to the right sidebar of our main page, This includes every file available for download directly from our site. I had a few complaints from users and customers having difficulty finding specific utilities I recommended that they download from my site, so this puts them all on the front page, so you can search the page for the text or just look through the Downloads list for what you need.

The main utilities, CWShredder, Spybot, and AdAware I’ll try to keep updated, since I use them regularly myself. In fact, CWShredder is a new version (version 1.59) already, since I first posted it on my site a few weeks ago, and Spybot has a very nice new version (version 1.3) as well. I don’t mean the updates either, I mean the program itself. So if you have version 1.2 or earlier, you should uninstall it and install this new version. It seems to run much faster to me, and is much easier to use than before. It even groups the Spyware it finds into a summary list, making much easier to follow.

The gas price updates may disappear soon. We’re back below $2/gallon for the most part, so the situation is a little better, and I’m not sure anyone really uses it besides me anyway. I do submit my readings to Kenosha News on Tuesdays and Fridays though, and it’s used in their “Gas Price Watch” column in Wednesday and Saturday editions of the Kenosha News, so it doesn’t go TOTALLY unused. But if you actually look at it and/or use it to decide where to get gas, PLEASE reply with a comment and let me know. It’ll help me to decide whether or not to keep going with it on the site.