Movies & Books

As an update to my last post, now that the Oscars have come and gone, as far as the nominees go, I’ve seen Hugo, The Help, and Moneyball.  I thought all three were very good.  Kevin was a little disappointed in Hugo, saying it was kind of boring in parts, and I can see that for a little kid I guess, growing up with blockbuster robot movies like Terminator and Transformers.  A simple automaton didn’t cut it for him.  For me, however, I thought it was fascinating, especially the artful way the entire movie looked overall.  It was fascinating to watch, especially in Blu-Ray.  I also saw Tower Heist.  I don’t think it was nominated, but I liked it.

In other media, I finished Stephen King’s “Duma Key” audiobook recently, and I just started The Hunger Games, at Kevin’s request.  Kevin has the real book (yup, the old tree-killing paper type) and asked me to get the audiobook so he can read along with it.  He’s reading it in school too, for one of his classes.  They’re going to compare the movie to the book, once the movie comes out, which should be very interesting–and enlightening for Kevin.  It’s amazing how so much gets dropped and rearranged when books become movies.  I hope he goes to see the movie with his class though–I’d hate to have to take him to see it myself before finishing the audiobook.  It takes me awhile to read a complete audiobook, and seeing the movie tends to deflate my interest in completing the same titled audiobook, since it kinda spoils the story and totally changes the self-imagined images you create in your head when you read a book, once you see the movie.  I’d rather completely finish the audiobook, then see the movie….even if that means missing the theatrical release and waiting for the Blu-Ray release.