Christmas Tree Lighting

We attended Kenosha’s Christmas Tree Lighting tonight at the Museum.  The weather was pretty rough though–blizzard conditions!  Kevin, Matt and I toughed it out though, and sat in the cold on a bench in front of the tree outside the museum for about 45 minutes for the ceremony.  I took a few photos, and Matt even managed to capture the entire audio of the ceremony with my Olympus DS-2 Digital Recorder.  Thanks, Matt!

Kevin froze most of the time, and got mad when I called him Rudolph because he had a red nose.  He just kept asking to go home.  I kept reminding him that it wouldn’t be long and that we’d go to Christmas Lane and see the Christmas Train afterward, but he said he just wanted to go home.  After the ceremony we warmed up in the car, got nice and toasty and we headed over to Christmas Lane feeling much better.  Matt took some more photos and Kevin talked to Santa and got a couple of gifts from him at the Christmas Train House.  They even served cookies, treats and popcorn!  We stood around a fire pit they had set up and kept warm while we drank hot cider, hot chocolate, and had a few snacks.  It was a very nice evening all around and we had a nice, Christmastime night, even if it was a bit early.

Click here for the audio from the Tree Lighting Ceremony, and click here for the photos we took.  And as an added bonus, click here for an awesome display now showing at the museum:  David Valentine Holmes: The Mystical Mechanical Menagerie.  When viewing the images in this gallery, be sure to view them FULL SIZE.  The detail is amazing on all of them, and I left the original images quite large to show the detail.