DVRs and a picnic

This weekend our family finally stepped into the Wonderful World of DVRs. We traded in our old digital cable boxes and picked up two new “Explorer 8000’s”. We can now record anything on cable digitally and never have to use our VCRs again! It costs a few bucks more on the cable bill, but I’ve gone through a LOT of video tapes and even a few VCRs over the past few years, so for me it’s a dream come true. With a couple clicks of the remote it’ll record EVERY episode of any series on TV, no matter what time or day it comes on! Kevin will now have an endless supply of Spongebob episodes to watch! Sandy’s Soaps are already set to go, and several of my computer shows are already filling up “MY” box’s hard drive!



We also went to the UAW Local 72 Annual Company Picnic this Sunday. It was fun. We ate a LOT of food and Kevin got to climb and slide down his favorite inflatable: The Titanic Slide! We paid $2.50 each time he climbed onto this ride at Pleasant Prairie Family Days, so it was a relief to find it completely free at the UAW picnic! He also played a bunch of the kids games and won a few small prizes. Mostly consolation prizes, but he tried his best! He also got a balloon animal head attachment they called a “Jeepers Creepers.” I took a few pictures, so those will be posted soon. Luckily I got a shot of the balloon thing quickly–It popped shortly after, completely breaking Kevin’s little heart! He cried all the way home. sad