Bring it, 2018

Here comes 2018. I’m looking forward to this year, but at the moment things are still bleak. We’ve been in a deep freeze for the past couple weeks. Too cold to walk anywhere, everything’s frozen solid. Fortunately we haven’t had any issues at home or with the cars….YET. Except for my windshield washers. They are either frozen or I blew a fuse or something… they won’t squirt anything, and this can cause serious issues when driving. Aside from that, so far we’re hanging in there this winter. Not even any falls (again, YET).

A very controversial book just came out today about the Trump White House, called Fire and Fury, and I’m kinda excited to read it. I’m not very political though, I try to stay quiet as I’m horrible at arguing, debating things and taking any kind of stand, even on my blog, so I won’t even say I’m in any particular political party, but I am very curious when it comes down to how things really work. I know many top officials, including Trump himself, have claimed everything (or most things) in this book are lies, so this book will be picked apart word-by-word. I’m very curious to see exactly what it’s all about.

I was in the middle of reading “The Woman in the Window”, a book Stephen King highly recommends, before I found out about Fire and Fury, and it was getting quite interesting itself, so I sure hope this one doesn’t turn out to be a waste of my time. But if it does, I’ll be back to The Woman in the Window in a heartbeat.

The Party’s Over

I got my awesome birthday gift from work yesterday–$5 in McDonald’s Gift Certificates! WooHoo! Can’t wait to see what toy will come with my Happy Meal!! rolls eyes Hey, maybe this is my chance to get a foot in the door though–I can submit my resume to Ronald, and see if he has any openings for a good IT guy… Think there’s a market for a digitally-enhanced Big Mac? Or maybe some “binary” fries–in the shapes of zeros and ones? Oh wait, the zeros would be onion rings–I forgot, McDonald’s doesn’t make those… sad

Nothing else exciting going on this week..YET… We’re going to the Outta Site Kite Flight this weekend though, as well as going to see Finding Nemo, so we should have a great weekend. Read the rest of this posting to find out what movies I’ve been watching lately…
Some movies I’ve watched recently, and my star ratings:

Insomnia: 3.5 stars – Al Pacino.

A Time To Kill: 3 stars – Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson.

The Time Machine: 2 stars – Pretty hokey, but great special effects.

The rest of this week I’ll be watching: Catch Me If You Can, The Recruit, and probably a few others.